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Kovček ( Top case ) SHAD SH48 D0B48300 Dark grey / black with PREMIUM SMART lock

SH48 premium top case with two modular helmet capacity. Backrest, upper rack, brake light, inner bag and colors to fit SH36 available. Plate included. Več informacij
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Kovček ( Top case ) SHAD SH48 D0B48300 Dark grey / black with PREMIUM SMART lock
229.01 €
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Case with capacity for two full face helmets

The SH48 top case is a high-end product that fulfils all the market's requirements and offers maximum performance. With capacity to hold two full-face helmets and a 3.7kg weight, it is the lightest high-capacity top case in the market. With that, we reduce the vibrations, as it makes the supports and the motorcycle frame suffer less stress. Its structural frame guarantees high rigidity and resistance with minimum weight.
It offers maximum security thanks to its innovative hermetic lock “Smart Lock System”, with automatic retractable handle and a hermetic lock in 3 positions. This system allows to keep the top case open without the possibility to extract it, and it can be open and closed without key, so that it only needs the key to block it. It can be open with only one hand.
The SH48 offers several customizing configurations, combining the colour of the side bands with the top covers. As optional cover, we have the new option of carbon look, which combines with any motorcycle colour. We also have covers in white, metallic black and with the same colour as the case's band: New Titanium or Dark Grey. It also has a tintable option to customize to your taste.
As accessories, we offer double backrest, internal bag, metallic top grid and braking light. The double backrest (D0RI4800) offers more comfort for the passenger, as well as giving a unique style to the whole bike. The internal bag (X0IB00), with a top opening and an external pocket for direct access, is reinforced with an internal foam to protect the contents from any hit, as well as a strap and a handle to make it easier to carry. In this way, the internal bag makes it easier to transport your belongings without having to extract the top case. The top metallic grid (D0PS00) increases the bike’s capacity with the same maximum load, and also has specific tabs for the luggage straps and bags to secure and hold the load. Finally, the braking light (D0B29KL) is made with energy-saving leds and is very easy to install, as it fits in the lower part of the top case’s base. This increases security, as the bike is more visible from behind.
As the rest of the SHAD motorcycle top cases (except for TR48/TR37), it includes the plate and the screws kit.



Up-to-date SHAD online catalogue - click here

Up-to-date SHAD online catalogue - click here

PDF Mounting sheet – montážní list

Proizvajalec SHAD
Secure lock system Da
SHAD change colour system Da
Compression straps Da
2 modular helmets Da
Dimensions 46x61x31 cm
Real capacity 48 liters
Maximum load 8kg
Plate included Da
Naša koda: P110791

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